Can't type apostrophe(') or quote(") in Processing IDE

Hi all,

I have this weird issue… Any ideas on why?
I’m using Mac OS Monterey (12.2.1) and Processing 4.0b7

p.s. I can type these characters in Processing 3.5.4 on the same OS.

Hi cern,
i’m using monterey 12.3 and Processing 4.0b7 too, and no problems here…
my language/regional/keyboard layout are set to “french”

i will try to play with those macos prefs to test, (it s a random guess here)
in processing ide there are 2 languages options (language and non-latin checkbox), but i really don t know if it have something to do with your problem too
sorry I can’t help more than that

however if it is working with 3.5.4, i guess it s suppose to work in 4.0 too
if you don’t figure out, may be consider to fill in an “issue” on github with all the details of your setup

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Hi th75,

I didn’t try changing my keyboard settings (US International - PC) and it seems that was the issue. It never occurred in the previous versions of Processing, and I always used this keyboard layout while using Processing. Long story short, I didn’t even think of trying different language settings. Thanks for reminding me : )

It simply works with US, although it looks the same in the keyboard layout preview as US International - PC.

Thank you!

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