Using Processing via remote desktop for touring music act

hiya! I am currently using processing to run a lighting design for a touring band. the computer onstage using an audio interface to take in audio signals from the band. processing analyze that audio and we create visualizations of the music that are then mapped on the band members wearing clothing with digital addressable led strips in it. All led commands are sent out via OPC across the LAN network we have setup to Feather M0 microcontrollers implanted on the different clothing items that drive the led strips wirelessly. There is a router that the onstage computer is connected to that sends out the signals via wifi to the microcontrollers.

I have created this system and it works well and we are just about to go on the road with it. I will be doing house lighting from the front of house position (~50 feet away from the stage computer). I want to access the stage computer during the show if something goes wrong and reset or change things if necessary.
When i connect to the router via wifi and use remote desktop to get into the computer, the processing sketch freezes and crashes . Processing tells me that the audio inputs have failed.::

===JavaSound Minim Error ===
***unable to return a TargetDataLine: unsupported format - PCM_Signed 44100 HZ, 16 bit, stereo
===Minim Error ===
**Minim.getLineIn: attempt failed, could not secure an AudioInput


im assuming its throwing this error because these peripherals (audio interface) is connected to the actual machine, and not to this computer i am using to remotely access the main machine from.

is there anyway to get around this? im pretty new to this whole complex networking thing so I dont really know what to do. I reallly need to access this computer during the show… maybe I could open the ports that the audio interface is on or something? I dont know!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

thank you!

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do you need to capture audio on the guest machine?
Have you tried disabling audio from RDP settings?

or using realVNC or another remote Desktop sw?

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nope i dont need to capture audio on the guest machine. I want audio to keep being captured by the main machine. i cant seem to get realVNC to work, i think i need the enterprise edition to be able to directly connect over lan to the remote computer.

ahh so i downloaded Remote Utilities and i can successfully get into the host computer now without messing up any of the peripherals connected to the computer.

Thank you for the suggestion!!!

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glad I could help
keep us updated,
Would love to see what the show looks like!

hey here are some bad pics of the show!
its consists of like 11 different light up elements,
hard hat , 2 vests, pair of shoes, pair of shin guards, fanny pack, harness, lots of leds on the drum, a crown…everything is mapped and generated from processing.
also the keyboard stand has led panels in it that show the output of the Processing sketch


I’d love to see a video if you have one. Thxs for sharing.


ahh! been like 1.5 years since ive been on this forum, but we ended up getting it all to work out well:

and here is some more info:

thanks for the help yall!