Open Pixel Control over Wifi for stage design help! sketch freezing!

hiya so I’m using Processing with Open Pixel Control to control 10 Feather M0’s over wifi. each M0 has 1 to 3 different strands of NeoPixels. Its for a touring band and all of these neopixels are built into their clothing. We’ve got vests, hats, shoes, shin guards, fanny packs, harness, an entire light up bass drum… lots of stuff. I am using OPC ( to send out data to all the M0’s. each one has a seperate IP address.

I’ve built the system and am now touring with the band. last night, the entire sketch keep on freezing over and over and basically wouldnt work at all. I can’t really figure it out at all. almost all of the items disconnected and reconnected constantly. here is the video of the Processing output during the show :

does anyone have anyyyy idea what could be going on? I am having a hard time debugging this. why is the sketch freezing when this happens?? also i have no idea why things are disconnecting and reconnecting so fast.

any insight would be helpful. we are on tour right now and have shows every night and so I’m troubleshooting every day! The entire system has worked pretty well the past few shows, and last night it was a train wreck.

thank you for any help!!