Using Processing in Secondary School Art and Design Classes

Does anyone use processing in art and design classes in school?

Does anyone know of any #research in this area?

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Do you mean design research, or education research? Lots of books with exercises that provide frameworks for lessons and units –

But for research articles from an education / pedagogy perspective, probably relevant:“arts+education”“art+education”

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…and also possibly relevant:

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Many thanks for the help with this.

I am trawling through the google scholar list.

I am particularly looking for using processing in classrooms with pupils aged 11 to 16.

Most of the books I can find and research is aimed at/set in Higher Education and for computing students.

The research related to younger learners seems to be more generic around general creativity (e.g. Kafai…) or is in informal settings.

I suspect this is because this is a new area of interest?

We are running a course for secondary art and design teachers on introducing processing in art and design examimation courses.

I am introducing these teachers to research on teaching programming in general to learners of this age e.g. Use, Modify, Create (Lee et al), PRIMM (Sentance et al), Code Reading (Lister etc al)… but I am trying to find any research done in school classrooms
on teaching processing to pupils of this age group in Art and Design (rather than computing classrooms) any ideas…




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I assume that you have found the CS4All program in NYC. Even though it’s labeled CS, they are using processing and the lessons I have seen are focused on producing visuals. Presumably the assumption is that visual rewards keep the students engaged.

I teach in a University level art program and I have proposed that some of our foundation courses could be taught using Processing, like 2D Foundations and Color Theory. I have not researched if other art schools are doing that, but would love to know where your research takes you.

Right now, we are taking the route of having an additional course called ‘Creative Coding’, and considering making that a requirement for all art students.

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