Using Processing in Eclipse

I am trying to use processing in java in eclipse and importing it after adding the processing jar file to eclipse but getting this error on eclipse about expecting android

Couple things I notice:

  • You have 3 files named Hopefully they’re in different packages?
  • The two files on the right are unsaved. Sometimes Eclipse errors go away when you save the file.
  • Maybe try cleaning your project?

If none of those work, then please provide more information. Please show us what your classpath looks like, as well as your project structure.

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I tried cleaning but it didn’t help. I saved the other Main.javas but didn’t help either. The processing jar file i added is processing-core.jar. Eclipse seems to complain that when I extend PApplet
"The type cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files" and tells me to configure build path so i click it and it takes me to here but idk what it wants me to change

I feel its gettig confused by thinking processing is some other android library for some reason

Are you trying to do anything Android related in your code? Maybe you need more libraries, especially if you are going to use the Processing language to accomplish certain goals?

I looked online about your problem, and this is what I found:

Setting a Class Path in Eclipse

So hopefully this helps you out?


I am not trying to do anything android related, which is why its weird thats its giving a android related complaint, and as far as i know eclipse doesn’t have much android support either so idk how/why this error is coming about.

processing jar file seems to be loaded correctly i think

ok i resolved it turns out i had downloaded the processing android jar file which extended a android class

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There you go :smiley:

Glad that got figured out!