Project creation error

Hi I’m trying to create a new processing eclipse project. This error message appears and ive tried using multiple other files. The error never goes away or simply changes to (file) does not contain processing libs. Could any of you help me? I’m on mac btw.

You might want to point to the core.jar – the Java library – not the .app, which is a special folder that contains all the parts of the PDE application, including that jar.

The core.jar file contains the core classes of Processing and has to be part of your classpath when building a Library. On Windows and Linux, this file is located in the Processing distribution folder inside a folder named lib . On Mac OS X, right-click the and use “Show Package Contents” to see the guts. The core.jar file is inside Contents → Resources → Java. For further information about the classes in core.jar , you can see the source here and the developer documentation here.

You could also just follow the entire instruction list for creating a new library project from the template.