Use of "F1" KEY in p5.js

Hi all,

In my program I use the “h” key to bring up a kind of “Help Menu”. This works very well but I would like to replace it by a more “standard” use of the “F1” key (keyCode = 112). Whenever I use the F1 key the “normal” Chrome help page is opened …
if (keyIsDown(112)) {
// F1 Key
helpON = true;
This doesn’t work the way I want disappointed: Any other possibility ?

This may be an issue with your web browser or operating system. It works fine for me in Chromium on MacOS (pressing F1 turns the background black instead of gray):

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I’m using Win10 and tested your code on Chrome and Edge. Both same result : showing result (text) in code window but also performing “unwanted” tasks as opening ‘help’ (F1), search (F3), reload page (F5), navigation keys ? (F7), full screen (F11 → acceptable) and page source (F12). I think I’m overlooking a global setting somewhere … :slightly_frowning_face:.

Thanks for your response anyway !

I don’t have easy access to a windows machine to test this, but I updated the code slightly to prevent the default action associated with each keyboard event:

function keyPressed(e) {
  pushEvent('keyPressed', e);
  return false;

On my system this prevents Browser/OS level actions that would normally be triggered (for example Command+P on my system would normally trigger the browser’s print function, but this sketch prevents that). Note that the sketch window needs to have focus for this to work.

YES ! :grin: This is working. Will need a lot of editing of my sketch as I use “keyIsDown”, “keyTyped”, keyIsPressed … Probably it is a good reason to review the whole put-up of the code as now it is the result of building always on top of previous versions. Good occasion to simplify a lot !

Thanks again for your help !