P5.js - Mouse and keys stuck


I’ve been experimenting with p5.js for a bit, and I’ve noticed that the mouse and key functions sometimes get stuck.

The problem is caused for me when you right-click, or hold a key, then right-click. (In the sketch below)

Here is an example of the problem I’m facing:


did you experiment with the

  // prevent default
  return false;

i see


Thanks for the tip - I’ve added it to the program. Unfortunately, the problem still occurs with the same reasons as before. I’m using macOS Sierra - Could that be the cause?

no idea about OS,
also possibly a browser problem,
but to separate the problem from the
p5.js site environment
try do a download and ftp upload to a server.

Thanks - I’ll try that.

p.s. your latest code after add that “tip” also
for the keyboard, i see now under win7 / firefox /
that the keyboard is not working at all, ( [space] gives a jump because it seems to force firefox to reload the page )
mouse press OK

the resulting thing what is send to the browser is as i understand a .png,
and all browser open on mouse right click the image save menu,
possibly you should do like
if mouseButton == LEFT … move true;

That’s what I was considering too, but I wanted to know first if it was a bug or something fixable.

win7 SP0 : ( 32bit )
firefox 63. || chrome 70.
https://editor.p5js.org/ || Processing 3.4 mode p5.js

use right mouse button:
press and hold and release

i see in console || inspect console

mouse pressed 
mouse released 

despite the upcoming context menu

Weird… Must be a Mac bug then. I’m going to try using a mouse and see what happens.

I’ve figured out how to fix it, it seems when you right-click in Chrome it opens up a context menu (which takes away focus from the browser), so if you disable that it should work. You can disable it by putting:
oncontextmenu=" event.preventDefault(); in sketch.js
<body oncontextmenu="return false;"> in index.html

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Is that a string assignment or some typo? :thinking:

Maybe this 1 should work too? :man_shrugging:
oncontextmenu = () => false;

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