Use launch() but have the app minimized?

Is there anyway to use launch() but have the app be minimized when it loads so it doesn’t cover the Processing sketch?

if you’re on a mac launch() uses the “open” command. You might be able to use the -g flag before the path.

lauch("-g /Path/to/file/or/app");

from the open man page:
-g Do not bring the application to the foreground.

edit: I just tested. Adding the flag on mac doesn’t work. :frowning:

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That is creative and I salute the effort!

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For what it is worth I tried to launch() the sketch itself once it was running to kind of put it back on top per se. This did not work either.

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That too is quite clever!

I got curious and looked at the launch() command on processing’s github to see if there was a way to pass flags within the arguments but i didn’t have the mental fortitude this time of night nor the knowledge of java to follow what’s going on in there.