How do I launch a Processing app? launch() FIXED! (use a shortcut if a program does not launch!)

how do i launch a processing app, that need contents like “data” and “lib” to open? i wanna launch a splashscreen sooo

I just found out making a shortcut to an application works 100% fine, so if you have a script that needs to be executed by another pde sketch, just use an shortcut for the exe file!

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You mean something like a loading screen that is shown while some work is done in the background?

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Hello @Lissie,

You could export a Processing sketch (splash screen) and then launch it from within your main Processing sketch.

This may also suit your needs:

Read the entire topic for insights.
It will need some modifications on your part.


i tried that, it sadly doesnt work. i actually dont know why

This may give you some insight:

The example above builds the batch file.
You could just create it manually if you know your paths.