USB camera in list but doesn't grab image

No error given in console.
Webcam works as camera [0]
USB camera shows up under Sound and game controllers in Device manager

USB camera works with several other software apps OK.

POsted about this in 2017/2018

Has anything more been done to get the camera function working better with different camera devices as they appear in Device Manager?


What webcam make / model is it?

When you say “Webcam works as camera [0]” what do you mean, specifically?

The built in webcam on my lenova PC.

I plug in a USB capture device that allows analog rs-170 video to be captured via a video device.
Processing finds this camera in list but when used it fails to see a video input from it.

No errors, just blank screen

This same device works with several other 3rd party software fine, including Debut.

The only difference i can seeis that the device shows up in DEvice manager as a video device
and the webcam shows up as a webcam in DM.

I have another usb camera that shows up as a Imaging device in DM , and processing works with that ok .

Hello friends!
I commented that I had the same problem with the external webcam, I bought a Genius Full HF 1080p webcam and after 2 hours of seeing forums I managed to connect it, what I did was first see the list of connected cameras and then connect based on the resolution , I leave the code, I hope it serves.

import gab.opencv.*;
import java.awt.*;
 Capture video;
 OpenCV opencv;

void setup(){
  video=new Capture(this, 640, 480, "Genius Webcam");
  opencv=new OpenCV(this, 640, 480);

void draw(){
  noFill(); stroke(0,255,0); strokeWeight(3);
  for(int i=0;i<faces.length;i++){