Unwanted delay when using sound library

Hi I am trying to make a video game (undertale) in processing but I have come across some problems along the way. I am trying to import some mp3 files but when i start the program it says “INFO: JSyn: default output latency set to 80 msec for Windows 10”.

in order to make a good video game the default latency have to be as close to 0 as possible. If this can’t be done would it be nice to know if there an alternative way to use sound and have no latency.

Seriously… I really need some help

  1. Distrowatch.org/table.php?distribution=avlinux
  2. Distrowatch.org/table.php?distribution=audiophile

How do i add it processing so i can use it?

  • Those 2 are Linux distros w/ modified kernels for multimedia performance.
  • I don’t think the Windows OS got any latency-less kernel version.
  • In theory a user can set a task’s priority to real-time under Windows OS.
  • However, I dunno whether an application can change that automatically or even it can ever reach actual 0 latency at all!

I am not sure, but this might be relevant:

@neilcsmith is really the expert on GStreamer-related questions.

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