Twitter activating machines

Hi guys,

Just want to ask a question and see if people have experience in this area, or if this idea is even possible.

I want to make a machine that is fuelled by tweets or instagram shares and the machine will aid the growth of fungi.

Is it possible to turn a lamp on with a tweet? Or to release a spore of fungi into a petri dish? I am inspired by the twitter activated vending machines used as marketing for many companies in 2014.

I am open to use any hardware especially Arduinos and Rasperry Pi’s…

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys on this!


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I can confirm that you can activate anything you want with a tweet, but since february (more or less), Twitter imposed new restrictions, and you can’t make request as frequently as before, ( I don’t remember exactly what is the shorter delay authorized , about 1min I think ) so the response to your Tweet may suffer of a delay …

There is a java library that works well with the Twitter API : Twitter4j.
You can compute your twitter data with Processing and then send directives to an Arduino board through a USB port. And Arduino will be in charge of the electronics.
Or use Processing for Raspberry, as you want.

PS : Be aware, to be able to use the Twitter API, you will have to ask a dev account, wich can take few days.


Hi PrOtonX,

Thats great, thanks so much for the info! You were a massive help!


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