Virtual display: Extremely urgent

Hello discourse forum.
This is Abhigyan from Assam, India.
I’m just a beginner (know nothing) regarding Processing. It’s a very important and urgent urge from me that please anybody help me regarding my problem.

I actually am an intermediate in Arduino and Arduino IDE.
I’m working on an Arduino Uno - based Project, and
actually, I’m using the Arduino Uno Rev3 (USB). I’ve taken two Arduino boards. I’ve connected a radio transmitter and a SW-420 Vibration Sensor to the 1st arduino. And a radio receiver, buzzer and an LED (on Pin13) to the 2nd Arduino. Whenever the vibration sensor receives any impact, the vibration measurement is immediately transmitted through the transmitter (fitted on the 1st arduino) to the receiver (fitted on the 2nd arduino) and the buzzer and led on the 2nd Arduino glow on getting the Output, HIGH. I’m also able to read the vibration measurements on the serial monitor of the second Arduino.

Now, the thing is that I want to glow a virtual led on my pc screen. I want that when the led connected to my 2nd Arduino board glows (when the receiver receives the vibration measurement), simultaneously, the virtual (off) led on my pc/laptop screen also must glow. And I also want a live graph to start, following the vibration measurements, such that it goes lively up-and-down according to the intensity of vibration received by the Receiver from the Transmitter.
How to glow this virtual led in processing software, and create this kind of a graph (by communicating with the serial monitor of the 2nd arduino) on Processing?

Friends, I have very little idea regarding Java, but I know that Processing can help me regarding creating this. Friends, please guide me in this. I’d be very helpful and grateful to you people. I’m in great and urgent need.
It’s my most humble and heartiest request that please guide me. I’ve to complete this anyhow by 17th January. Please Bros and Sisses…


Thanks for your question.

See Data communication from Arduino/Processing Post #1 - #6 by MaissaHamdi