Try to show TIDE

i hope that is easy but accurate to be used at school

showing tidal force by sun and moon
and operation hour / day by arrow keys

no elliptic orbits, no winter summer …



Thanks for making and sharing this!

Any chance that it could be saved as a github (or other code host) repo, so that people can browse it online before downloading and unzipping?

Also, thanks for the useful link in the code to:

i understand that very well,
but i stay within my own current structure;
but i should have linked only to the website ( and not the download ) here at the forum.

but again from there see
-a- code snippets ( and one flie PDE ) as name.txt
-b- where more files needed as
-c- for real projects i go the way via my own download page again as

– change to git with a many year old BLOG
with text-logs, pictures, codes in various form is just too late,
even i see the advantages / mainly it would even survive my web site when i am dead /

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