Trash Granny - micro_RPG_style_game - P5js P5Play

Hi there !
I share with you a little creation made at school :

“Help this little grandma taking her garbage bag to the local trash can and fighting the many threats on her way !”

It’s developed in Javascript with P5js, and some regular JS canvas API too.
Here the source code repo : GitHub - Codnpix/trash-granny: TP mini jeu-RPG style

There is some little bugs with Windows users and Chrome browsers I already reported here :

Globally it should be running fine. If it’s not, please tell us !

Thank you for your feedbacks :). Have fun !


Lol, funny game


(played in Windows 10, Opera browser)

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Nice game indeed :smiley:

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I’m seeing that bug on Chrome on Mac, as well. The camera doesn’t follow the sprite, so the game cannot be played.

Yes I’m really sorry for that, I can’t figure out what’s going on with this…

Just letting you know. It works in Firefox! Thanks again for sharing your game.

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