Problem camera when running on Windows


Hello, I developed this little game at school with p5js and P5playJS libraries. The game works globally fine but I got many bug reports from people trying to running it with a Windows computer :

The camera doesn’t follow the sprite. Each sprite is created normally and the images are displayed in the good location, but the camera initiate itself in a wrong location and stays static…
I can’t figure out if there is something wrong in our code or if there is something to know at a library level.
The bug doesn’t show up all the time, even on windows, but sometimes… and it makes the game unusable for some users so it’s a little frustrating !

There is another little bug sometimes with the music when running on Chrome, Linux or Windows.
The music starts lagging in a weird way when the track changes (like boss music, then normal music again…).

I haven’t got any feedback from Mac users so feel free to tell us if you see something else going wrong !

Here is the link of the game :

And the source code repo :
Hope you’ll have fun :slight_smile: !

Trash Granny - micro_RPG_style_game - P5js P5Play

Played in Ubuntu 64bit using Chromium browser - everything seems to work fine.
I don’t think it’s an OS specific issue though.

I suggest you to temporarily add a check for some specific key like J, so that if the user presses it the game draws camera.position.x/y values right on the screen - and maybe some other values too, so that you could figure out if it’s these variables getting stuck or not - then, get someone to get this bug, press the key, and report if the values drawn change or not, to see if it’s a problem with them or something else.