Tramontana alternative for Android/Windows

Hello. Is there something like the Tramontana (which works on iOS and macOS) for Windows and Android?


no idea what it is about

Tramontana is a Processing library, and it works only with iOS and macOS devices, so I’m trying to find an alternative which works on Windows/Android.

you say that documentation is wrong?

Tested . Platform osx, windows. Processing 3.2.3.

search windows

so as i see it: the processing version
works / can be built
for a old processing version (3.2.3)
Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

while the stand alone versions are only available for

Download Tramontana for iOS (or in the AppStore on your phone)
Download Tramontana for macOS

that is my understanding so far, still not know what it is for???

so why you not tell us what you want to do
and some specialists can jump in and help you
with processing code or other libraries.

So it says that: " Tramontana is a library for Processing, Openframeworks and Javascript
that let’s you access multiple remote devices with simple APIs. The supported remote devices are for now iOS devices, Mac computers and appleTVs. "

But as you can see here: LINK there is also an android app avaliable, so basically the problem is solved. Thanks for the replies :smiley:

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There is a version for android that dackdel posted.

You can find the latest updates and references for tramontana on the tramontana website: