Can you do GPS tracking with Processing?

can you do gps tracking with processing? I plan on using android and maybe apple

Might have to be more specific there, which platform you targeting android windows mac Linux… Its really going to depend on whether that platform has an api or a way of handling GPS and then of course its going to be down to the hardware.

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android and maybe apple

ultimately the answer will probably not be what you want to hear, yes you should be able to use gps with android. and apple. Both devices support the functionality and have reference docs supporting this, however both of these platforms are not well documented on this forum or in processing in general. There are some resources with android, but they do not touch on gps at all.

I do aim to produce a more complete resource for android, however it is a bit of a step up from the approachable processing language, and for more advanced programming solutions I wouldnt even recommend processing. In my personal opinion and I may be wrong you’d be better using android studio and importing processing if you wanted some of its functionality rather than working the other way around.
Processing is limited in how it handles a lot of things, import statements for one are hard to know of the top of your head, and unless you have a list somewhere a dedicated ide like eclipse or others will at least provide this basic requirement.
Then theres the fact that the latest apis may not be supported, then theres building your package for im guessing an app store, and all of a sudden android studio seems to make a lot more sense.

Not sure what the steps are for apple though, I dont even own a mac so I work exclusively on windows, android mode or apde.

For further assistance I would recommend stack or github, but as a newbie myself, be prepared to read through a lot of code that doesnt make sense is oudated or simply doesnt work.

Good luck though!!

Yes it is possible to program a GPS tracker under Processing. You can set up such a useful ergonomic HMI.
Your question is generic and requires more details on your choice of platform and hardware.
I made a Gps land pilot under W10. As paulgoux indicates above, it takes a lot of research and mastery in the course of such a project. Good luck.

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