Multitouch with Windows 10

Has anyone managed to detect more than one touch at a time on a Windows 10 touchscreen device? I looked into the SMT library on github (, but it seems very out of date and doesn’t work with processing 3. I’ve searched Google but all the results are from many years ago and they generally suggest SMT. I know that the Processing Android library has APIs for touch events, and I was wondering if there is a way–any way at all–to detect touches on a win10 device. Even if it’s weird and janky.

Thank you so much!

p5.js has built-in multitouch support with touches. Does this project need to be Processing, or can you switch to p5.js?

TUIO is another Processing 2 library – not sure what would be required to update or adopt its multitouch component.

I already have a lot of Processing java code. It’s a pretty substantial project with a lot of Java inheritance and OOP shenanigans so it would likely be very difficult to port over to p5.js. Plus I’m not very good at Javascript…

I’ll look at TUIO and see if I can figure out how they did it… I looked into connecting the AWT window wirth Windows’ touch events, but there’s very very little documentation about it on the internet, and what there is tells me that it’s very difficult and janky.

Thank you for the tips! I will keep looking.

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