Sharing just the sketch?

Hi , this is a very basic question. I was using p5js web editor to experiment on my sketches . However there is a lot of code written on a trial or error basis . Is there a way to just share the sketch ? I think with the share button you also share the code .


By share they mean having a link where other folks can see your sketch in action and if they wish they could fork it as well.

If by share you mean allowing other folks to be able to edit your sketch you may try out

Another option is having a GitHub repo where folks may pull code changes if you allow them.

Hi @GoToLoop

yes by share i meant one gets the link of just the sketch, yes the sketch in action (kind of like in the present mode) but should not be able to view or make changes to the code.

I don’t believe such p5js sites are able to show the sketch w/o revealing its source code.

Most you can do is minifying the code so it’s hard to read it.

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This Google search will bring up some interesting web pages on this topic:


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