Where can I upload my sketch for someone to see and interact with online?

Hi Everyone,

Do any of you have any suggestions regarding where I could upload my processing sketch online(it’s not working in openprocessing)? I want to show my Mom who is across the country and not very computer savvy what I’ve been working on and for her to be able to interact with it as well but not have to download anything.

Thank you!

This is going to depend on your sketch.

Are you using Java mode? If so, then you might be able to use Processing.js to deploy.

Note that this will not work if you use a Java library, Java-specific code, or Processing 3 features.

Here is some more info on the different kinds of Processing:

If you’re stuck in Java mode, then you can deploy as an application and send that to your mom, but she’s going to have to download it for that to work.

Hi, thank you! I’m using Java mode and the minim library. Would my only option moving forward be exporting it as an application?

You have a few options:

  • Deploy it as an application. This would require a download, and would not be embedded in a webpage.
  • Use a JavaScript library instead of Minim. Then you’d be able to embed it in a webpage.
  • Get rid of Minim, and any other dependencies that don’t work in JavaScript.

This has been discussed previously, so I’d recommend doing a google search or searching in the forum for “processing.js minim” for a bunch of results. But basically it comes down to the three bullet points above.

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Ok! Thank you for your help.

I just want to add - At this point in time, Processing.js does not have an active developer. It runs older Java Processing fine.

In the end, like @Kevin said, exporting a standalone exe might be best.

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@stonesyy Have you tried uploading the sketch to codepen?

Here’s some online Pjs sketch which relies on HTMLAudioElement as sorta Minim replacement: :loud_sound:

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@stonesyy also, are you getting an error in openprocessing?

I’ll look into codepen, thank you and I’ve been getting either the minim error or nothing happens once I try to run the sketch.

Thank you! I’ll look into these