Timeout occured while waiting for packet n, IDE freezes

Hi all,

Lately I am receiving quite often several errors in Processing IDE when I try to run a sketch. The error is

Timeout occured while waiting for packet (random number)

Not sure what can cause it, but this problem got worst from Processing 3.4. The IDE gets stuck and I can’t do anything, forcing me to close it from the task manager and losing (eventually) work and time. The behavior of the IDE is the same as when in a very big for loop I try to print a line on the console (it gets stuck), but no priting is in the setup. This is quite boring as while being stuck the IDE also keeps being the focused window, making me unable to do anything else.

I am on an Asus gaming laptop with Windows 10, 16 GB of RAM, so performance wise should not be a problem (even if I receive the message also for very small and lightweight sketches).

I can’t copypaste the entire error, but I got a screenshot:

Not sure in what subsection of Processing I should ask this.

Did anyone have the same problem?