Thoughts on my GUI library for using swing

My first library (Swing Helper) is available on the contributions manager now! It is supposed to help with using swing components in processing.
Since this is the first time for me to publish a library I don’t know how user-friendly it is and I can only judge it to some extend.

I’d be thankful if I could have some feedback on how to improve my library! If you have any suggestions on other features to add feel free to ask! I’ll do my best to implement them!


Hi @NumericPrime,

I just downloaded your library from the Contribution manager. I have a few thoughts and suggestions:

  • Add additional details in your on GitHub, code snippets? more information about what it does. (you can use this template)

    The library adds 3 classes to do that in various ways and allow including custom ways with just a few lines of code.

    Yes but show me some examples? :wink:

  • Is it intentional to use the word swing without a capital letter? Because without GUI or a related word in any description it’s not obvious at first glance that it is supposed to be used for that…

  • Just a dev question for curiosity: why are you using annotations specifically? Is it usually used to define properties like that? (I didn’t know you could define your own… :grinning: )

Yes I should probably expand my readme file. Until now I focused on my examples that are downloaded with the library and my javadoc. I will look into it.

I used annotations because they are an easy way to add settings to fields and methods. Annotations also allow setting default settings wich is also useful. The reason I started using annotations to be honest is because I saw a this youtube video on how to use them

And I they fitted perfectly in my other methods and allow making things more easy for the user.

In the next days I will update my file on my repository. (note that the code in the repository is not up-to-date the one in the src folder in the library itself is)

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No problem thanks for the link! :wink: