Use javax.swing


Just some questions regarding using swing:
I want to make a sketch that uses javax.swing for the ui buttons and stuff:
Does processing have a default JFrame tha I should use (the one I’m interested in)?
I have to make one myself and add it to processing (if the avobe isn’t possible)?
Do I have to make a java program and insert Processing into a JPanel (this one would be less ideal)?
Is there any other simple or better way (maybe a library)?

Thank you for your time and have a nice day :­)

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You can check previous post in the forum with the keyword JFrame. For instance, I found this one:


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Thank you very much, I finally opted for G4P, which is a good library with a grapical editing tool for UIs
This is it’s reference: “
It comes with all the basic UI things like buttons, text fields, sliders; and some advanced elements like 2D sliders or knobs
It’s also very intuitive and very easy to use