How to find more description of ControlP5 lib functions

Hello everyone,

I am new to processing. I am using ControlP5 to create GUI.
I am looking at examples of ControlP5 lib (which are great) and its website.

However I am not able to figure out how to find the description of some fuctions.
For example, following functions listed on this page.

setTab ( )

There is one line description but I am not able to understand what these fucntion does exactly and how to use these functions.

So I want to know if there is any other place where I can look for more detailed description of a functions and how to use them.

Thank you,

Hi @Ghostsss,

Maybe you can get more information by looking at the Javadoc?


This is other link

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Skatolo is a GUI library for Processing, forked from [ControlP5]

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can you kindly explain what do you mean by javadoc? (I am new to java and processing)
do you mean the source code of the library ?

Yes of course :wink:

Since Processing was coded using the Java programming language, libraries also uses Java.

And Javadoc is the official documentation format for the language. Some tools then generate a static website describing the methods, classes and members.

It’s like looking at the code comments but in a more structured way.

The link I sent you is the generated documentation for the controlP5 library.


Thank you very much.

I also found something. (sharing if someone is looking for similar information in future).
If we go to the source code of ControlP5 lib, we can find some extra information on what each function does.

  1. Go to source code page
  2. Open the controller
  3. Search for the fuction using Ctrl+F
  4. Read Comments
  5. Read fucntion code
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