The worlds first Streaming Wireless POV poi

Smart Poi Wireless Streaming POV poi - powered by Processing. Ok and Arduino. (ESP8266)

How does this work? Check out the rundown at

Essentially it’s chromecast for POV poi, all the image processing is done on the PC/Android side. The poi simply receive and display. Computer graphics, static images, text and beat waveforms, all can be streamed to the POV poi which acts like a screen.

I am in the process of open sourcing the whole thing, for now there is a post on how to get started here: lets-stream-some-pixels blog post

Let me know what you think!

Thinks could be more clear if you explain what POV poi is… it might get ppl more engage to opening your links.


But I know what it means!

Sorry. POV: persistence of vision. The effect when LED’s are flashed on and off while waving around to create an image in the air.

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Update 2019. I am busy making a new pair of poi, and taking the opportunity to do a tutorial on my site. The first part is a Pixel Poi emulator! Here is my computer (window on the right) streaming pixel data to the poi over WiFi - shown in the emulator (left) via Serial connection. All you need is a D1 Mini or similar ESP8266 device.

Follow along with the project here:

I also made a version without WiFi for Arduino Nano or Uno type device.

Try your hand at making computer generated Persistence-Of-Vision patterns! Turn the square into a circle! I am open sourcing all code, there is loads more to come.