Very large multi-sketch Android Project example

Over the last few years I have been developing an Android app which is based on Processing code. The full project is detailed on my website: (look for SmartPoi, it’s under advanced projects menu) but in a nutshell I am creating pixel visualizations on the phone and sending them over WiFi to a connected device with LED’s running Arduino.

I used as a base for my Application, it’s a bit old now but simply put it’s a way to have multiple .pde sketches in an Android application, with a menu. I have tacked on some Android code for other functionality but the main app is just a bunch of sketches doing different things.

I have shared it here in the hope that someone might find this example useful. Feedback is welcome, but please note that this was a huge learning project for me and there is lots of code here from years ago.

Some interesting things are FFT implemented on Android, as well as a port of Minim which I found online somewhere and added in to play music, and of course UDP sending of compressed pixel data.

The repo is here: and you can find the website article (with an old video) detailing some functionality here:

I made this app for myself, and it works for me in my job as a performer using light up equipment but I would love to know if sharing can help anyone else with their projects.