Making my biggest game using just Processing

Hi! My name is Diego Bonilla and with a comic artist we’re making a casual-battle game for PC/MAC/Android called “Versus Duck”. If anyone is interested or just wants to support (not with money, just sharing it) a new indie game development freelance company here is a link to our Blog where there is more information. Thank all you!


What do you mean by biggest?

There have been quite a few very large projects in Processing. I would probably avoid making a claim like this.

Guess you are right, just corrected it. It really sounded cocky…

Man… I was already on the Versus Duck bandwagon though… :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to see the release :smiley:

Good luck with the project – looking forward to seeing more about it!

What is a “casual-battle game”? Is that a 2D fighter, like Street Fighter or Smash Brothers? Is it a 2-player JRPG combat scene, with turn-based attacks?

Hey Jeremy, thanks for your interest!
You got it right. It is a mix between the classic Street Figther and the casual android games.