The Art of Creative Coding [live @ d-lab edition]

This is particularly exciting for those in London as they can attend in person.
(The workshop is also delivered virtually)


0 Examples of creative coding in art and in design practice

  • How to write your own creative code
  • Pattern creation
  • Image sampling for generative drawings
  • Interaction
  • Practical application to your own projects
  • Design for coding fundamentals: repetition (loops), variables, conditions

Course Outcomes:
By the end of the course participants have an understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of programming
  • Practical applications of creating coding for your own projects
  • How to manipulate colours and graphical elements with code
  • How to create your own patterns and visual media
  • How to create your own vector format files for sending to a pen plotter

Four 3hr sessions

Saturday July 31, Sunday August 1

Saturday August 7 + Sunday August 8

2-5pm BST*

3-6pm CEST, 9am-12noon EST

For full details and bookings: current workshops — Jessica In