Creative Coding for Artists, Oxford UK (workshop series)

I’ll be leading a series of workshops at OVADA in Oxford on Creative Coding for Artists, starting on October 2nd. This six-week short course is an opportunity for any skill level, from complete beginners to those with previous experience.

On a practical level, we’ll look at various free software tools for creative coding and working with media. There will be a a particular focus on using Processing inside PraxisLIVE, exploring graphics, video, mapping, audio, data visualization, and working with sensors.

Alongside the tools we’ll look at what you might create, with a critical look at how artists are working with code. There will be a focus on exploring work using generative graphics, interactive installations, audio-visual performances, and software art; as well as how artists are engaging with the wider political and social impacts of free (as-in-speech) software.

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