SZENER_2019, the first tool for gameLibZero

Hello, I bring you my last project created entirely with processing, it is a tool to change scenarios and then load them into our games, soon I will publish a library called “gameLibZero” created and maintained by me for the creation of video games with processing, includes abstraction everything you need to create your first video game in 10 minutes! The library is ready to work on windows / linux / macosx / Android :slight_smile:
And this is the first tool I have needed to create to work quickly in games.
Yn greeting and soon the library with many video tutorials.



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Thanks for sharing this, erkosone.

Is this SZENER tool a Windows tool, or is it also win / linux / mac? Could you include a README with it to explain what it is for and how to install / use it?

In the future would you also consider distributing gameLibZero tools using an open source platform, such as github (or bitbucket, or gitlab, etc.)? This would be a lot more stable / long lasting than Dropbox, give a version history, and also allow people to inspect or even fork the code before downloading. Things like this are really important for a development library.

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