Student can't see running code

Student using p5.js on laptop creates code, runs code but can’t see program running. Student sends me the link to their sketch and I can run and see the code. We have tried this on several devices and browsers but it still doesn’t show the program running. Student even closed their p5.js account and opened a new one and it still won’t work.

Help if you can,


Can YOU see the program running?

So, it is one Sketch that is causing this and other Sketch can be seen running normally on the same device / browser?

I mean when you think it is caused by the Sketch, you have to post the Sketch here.

Or the link

All the student’s sketches only work when they share them not when they are working on them.

Here is the sketch that the student is working on:

The link that you’ve shared does not exist. Either the student hasn’t saved their sketch or they’ve shared the wrong link after saving it. Furthermore, this link should’ve redirected to your student’s sketch folder(even if it was empty) but the link shows that such account does not exist.

If you are looking for a collaborative editor where you can see your students working live on their code, other teachers on this forum have already discussed it in one such thread

Hope this helps! :relaxed:

Hi Thanks for all your help! Here is the new link to one of the sketches that has the issue: