Stuck with the world's worst language

Snap(a better version of scratch) slow
Python slow drawing
C++ hassle drawing
js worst language
So which language should I use?(you would suggest processing,which I dunno java)

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Use processing. It’s well documented so you will find your way easily


idk java

Well, Java is pretty much JavaScript w/ required datatype declaration, similar to TypeScript.

There’s also PyScript, which allows us to use both Python & JS libraries on a web page:

However, you can expect it to be even slower though.

Alternatively you can go w/ CoffeeScript (a mix of Ruby + Python + JS syntaxes), which then transpiles straight to JS:


Hi @jounce,

Can you elaborate on that?

True for the most part (see here) but with the progress of TypeScript it became an industry leading language and has a large ecosystem of libraries.

Couldn’t agree more, it’s just not made for that type of fast prototyping and quick iteration when live coding. I tried Nannou which is an equivalent of Processing in Rust but I struggle to work with it due to compilation time and not so easy to make changes.

And about Processing in Java, it’s quite easy to get started and you have the power of the object oriented features, generics and the standard Java library which is powerful. It can sometimes get a bit verbose but I still find it elegant :wink:


turtle drawing

yeah i found it here JavaScript: The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language
i dont know why its the worst,but i get scolded at if i use it

yeah i am laerning java

ps:on your quizzing website,i found out that i have these misunderstandings:
2.Trailing commas are always a thing,not only when they are the last of a line
5.The comma operator outputs the last item,not the first.
7.Arrays are truthy,nil strings are not.Empty ones sometimes true,and I am confused
8.Dumb error,a number is inputted,and i automatically put quotes around it when reading.
15.I thought that there would not be SEs but there is one,and you cannot change the value of literals
18.Javascript isn’t that bananas.
20.Thought that would return 0(coercing into number) so randomly choosed
24.(i knew that shorting behaviour and used it a lot of times to replace if but)Coercing before and,never been wronger.And after shorting,you’re in the clear.
25.Did not trust the javascript bananas enough to think that it would still be a number(i know that it may be 0,but then thought “its impossible for this huge stuffs to be still a number”)

About the everyday usage,the logical shortcutting is obviously a must-have,which along with the comma operation,supports one-liners.The !! and + is also a must-have,but I wouldn't try to use the - operation to convert a string to NaN.
A second test makes: 23.Undefined cannot be coerced into a number.
Anyways,it says that I'm a above-average.May have to do with the faact that I started programming JS at the age of 6.(im 12 now)
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