Spout/Syphon video input and interactive touch areas

I’m planning to create an application in processing but I need some help to get start.

I have a black and white man shape captured from a Kinect V2 that can I get through spout/syphon. Then I need to place some squares inside the captured video and when i touch them they should trigger an OSC message.

The workflow was to find a way to detect when the portion of the syphon video inside the square has the 70% of the area white (my hand) but I can’t fine anything to start with. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Your purpose is not really clear.
Try to make a sketch model without syphon and kinect to test your model surface detection, after you can implement syphon and your kinnect.

This wasn’t clear to me. Are you the silouette, and is it touching a fixed square? Is the square inside the silhouette, and being touched by a mouse, or webcam feed, or another silhouette?