Special characters problems in APDE

I’m using the APDE and are having problems with a sketch where I’m taking input from the virtual keyboard and displaying it in a text field. It works great usually, until I try to press some special characters. Like “æ” or “é” or anything that isn’t in the english alphabet. The problem is that when I press these keys on my keyboard, the sketch doesn’t even register the input. As you can see if you run the code. when a special key is typed, the background doesn’t change. which means the keyPressed() function isn’t even called.

String s = "";

void draw(){

void mousePressed(){

void keyPressed(){
  s = ""+key;

I think this is a bug, because if you use the symbol characters it works, but if you type a letter you have to hit the back button to show the letter.
If you use: println("/"+s+"/" ); the character is shown correctly in the console.