Sound library audio formats

I am having some weird results for playing specific wav files I have exported from Audacity in the Sound library. Certain files will glitch and distort. The audio plays fine in other audio program and when using other sound libraries. Is there a specific format that works best?



SoundFile / Libraries /

See exporting options:

Press the Options… check if the format has additional settings that control its quality or other options

Thanks! These are useful resources but they don’t mention anything about bit depth or sample rate or other ideal export settings. Maybe this is just a corrupt file, but I’m not sure why are tools are able to play it without issue. It plays at a normal volume for a few second (using the Sound library) then get much quieter.

Hi @kellyegan.
There really shouldn’t be any specific issues playing a .WAV file with the sound libraries. It’s probably the most supported audio format there is.
Could you provide as much information about the file as possible, like sample rate, bit depth, length, little or big endian, etc? And any code you’re using for playback would be helpful.
Also, is the behavior you’re experiencing only changes in amplitude? Or are there other issues?

Hi @kellyegan, Sound library maintainer here! :wave:

wav playback for anything that deviates from standard 16bit depth has always been a bit of an issue with library. Luckily there’s an upcoming new release which improves format support both for wav and all sorts of other formats! If you want to give the new version a try before its official release, you can download and install a preview from here: Release v2.4.0-preview · processing/processing-sound · GitHub
We would also be grateful to hear any feedback or issues you find with the new release!

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I’ll take a look at the new version and let you know if I have anything constructive to add. One feature I noticed about minim is it actually warned you when you used a bit depth over 16, which made me think to try different. Bit depths. That might be helpful in these cases.

Thanks for the reply!


Testing the new version of the sound library haven’t noticed any problems with working sketches, but unfortunately didn’t fix my problem. I am going to work on some other solutions but if it is useful the file I was testing was this one from

Original file was an 32-bit aiff but I have converted to 16bit wav and mp3 files without any change in outcome.