[SOLVED] Two questions: Printing and Screen


I was hoping for some help with two things. The first is that I was hoping to print out a drawing I created in Processing. I know how to print out the code, but I was hoping to print the actual picture that was made. There’s no interactivity or movement, it’s just a still image.

The second issue I was hoping for help with is when I run code, it always opens the draw screen on my second monitor, which is smaller. The processing IDE opens on my main monitor every time, just the draw screen has this issue. I can move it to the main screen, but I’d like if I could just get it to always open on the main screen.

Thank you all very much for your help!

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I don’t know about opening the sketch on a specific screen, but if you want to print an image, you can use the saveFrame() command (https://processing.org/reference/saveFrame_.html) to save the image as a png or jpeg, and then print it from there.

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Oh! Thank you!

I actually found how to change the screen, it’s in Preferences > “Run sketches on display”. I thought I had looked through, but one last check was what I needed.

Thank you again!