Simulation about Cooperative Object Transport in Multi-Robot Systems

Hi everyone,
I’m developing a simulation of a group of simple robots transporting objects together.

The multi-robot system should be able to:

  1. transport object of different shapes
  2. able to stabilize the object while transporting

for example, if the object is a cube, robots can transport it easily without putting much effort into stabilizing it, whereas if the object is a cylinder in an upright position, some of the robots need to put more effort into stabilizing it to keep it upright while transporting.

I’m new to processing and currently trying to develop it with Box2D.
I’m wondering is there any other libraries that work better for this project. Thanks!

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Based on your diagrams, this doesn’t seem like a good fit for a 2D library. It seems like you want 3D physics. Check out PixelFlow, for example.

Thanks for replying!
I checked it out. But I can’t find the documentation anywhere. Do you have the link to it?

Good question. I didn’t realize the original docs site was offline. Wayback machine?