Simple Assembly

**Hello There,
I just need a simple way to install assembly code in certain routines as long as Processing puts its variables in it’s Stack I am good 2 go I really don’t need a lot of stuff just to read and write to memory and access real-precision variables. I know how to use assembly language, I just need to be able to insert it in to my Application, I do not know how to build my own libraries (yet), but that is what I need a routine to read/write to memory and to do the coprocessor stuff in it’s own precision. I’m trying to build an antivirus and I need these things to simulate the actions of computers to handle things like encryption **

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Interesting question, I don’t know if its possible, but never say never.
What do you need assembly for?

Do you mean you want to write your own JVM bytecode? Or do you mean calling out to a C library with inline assembly from Processing, e.g. through JNI?

Possibly relevant:

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