Session Shed - feed back sought and time for payback

OK … I have been using Processing for a few years, initially the regular Java mode and then Android Mode. I have learned so much and it’s time to pay back (with cash!). I have built an Android App that I am planning to get onto Google Play in the next month or so. It is a music sequencer for drums and synths so has a primary target of musicians, but I hope might be at least of some interest to anyone who feels an urge to have a go at making some fun music, quickly and easily.

None of it could have been possible without Processing, so when I launch, I am going to donate a proportion of the purchase price to the Processing Foundation. All purchases will automatically dontate 25%, but for any Processing users (i.e. you folk) it will be 50% - I will figure out a code system that makes this happen. It will not be expensive … less than $5 .

In the mean time, I am seeking help just to try the app out and get feedback … hopefully not too many bugs, but I am interested in how easy people find it to use, and whether there are any phones that it doesn’t work on! It is Android only though so sorry no iPhone users (yet!) and specifically aimed at Android phones. It should run on tablets but the display layout will need tweaking. It’s on the ‘next release’ list.

Once the tablet version is done (which should be quick) I am going to explore the new Swift Processing project. To do that I need a Mac and an iPhone, so any funds I get by selling the Android version will support me getting them.

Enough … if you’re interested, then please try out the current beta version for me which you will find at

Go there on your phone and click the download link for the apk installer. You will get a warning asking you if you trust installing from this source … I hope you will … I promise there is nothing nasty … no adds, no data sought etc… just a basic old style app that does what it says .

… and please feedback your comments/thoughts here … :slight_smile:

aka shedMusic


Hi Mark – thanks so much for sharing this, and what a generous proposal!

Where should bug reports go from testers – to this thread, or private messages, or is there a repository?

One suggestion – include a screenshot on your landing page, not just a logo. When it comes to promoting mobile apps, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Also: when I searched Google Play, it looks like there may have been test app uploaded in 2015?

One option with Google Play (I think, I haven’t done this) is to use early access or beta so that testers can install through the play store rather than downloading APKs. Try new Android apps before their official release - Google Play Help


Many thanks for responding … have to admit I have been a bit disappointed with the lack of any interest in this since my posting … so thanks for being the first!

It’s all early days for full promotion but I agree a better website with screenshots and a demo video would be a good idea! I did have a very early version on Google Play back in 2015, but it was pretty basic so I took it off last year. The plan is to get back on very soon … maybe even in next couple of weeks. If you have tried it off my website great, otherwise I’ll make a real effort to get it on GPlay.

I have tried to get a forum for feedback at kvraudio but with no success… so feedback here would be good, or an email to me at

Many thanks once again for your interest … !


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Hi Mark – good luck with it!

I might suggest also making a small post in the Processing for Android linking back to here, if you haven’t already – “Seeking beta testers for Android music sequencer” or something like that. Right now the only participants will be people who have android AND who feel comfortable installing your apk directly rather than going through the Play store, and more of those users might be following that channel.

Personally I am very interested in music sequencers, but I am not side-loading apks onto my only Android mobile device at hand right now, otherwise I would love to give it a look. very best, Jeremy

p.s. also consider adding a screenshot to this post… advertising!


Hi Jeremy and thank you again for your advice. I hadn’t really thought about the nervousness that users would feel about downloading from anywhere other than Google Play, but it makes sense. I have done so for various other app developers so haven’t seen it to be an issue for me, but I can see why that might not be.

I have a couple of new features in development so may hold for a few days longer whilst I test them, but it will go up on Google Play after that. If you are interested in music sequencing, then you are hopefully going to like Session Shed. It’s not a full DAW, but I hope will be a fun sketchpad for putting instrumental tracks together. Maybe audio tracks will follow … :grin:


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