New Processing Sound Library Release—Looking for Feedback

Hi everyone,

We’re close to launching an updated version of the Processing Sound Library, featuring enhancements like multi-channel output, a new pitch detection analyzer, improved filter controls, and more. This update was made possible by the tireless work of @kevinstadler, with support from the Processing Foundation.

Before releasing it to everyone at the end of October, we’re looking for beta testers to help us squash any remaining bugs. If you’re interested, please grab the preview release here: Processing Sound Library v2.4.0-preview.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the library, we’d appreciate your feedback on how it performs across different systems and audio interfaces. Try running some of the library example sketches or see if your old sound library sketches still work as expected, and let us know if anything breaks.

Thanks for your help, and we’re excited to hear your feedback.

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead


Is this usable with Android?

Yes it is, any sketch written in ‘normal’ Java mode will run just the same in Android mode! The only constraint on Android is that for playing back sound files currently only wav and aiff files are supported. To avoid a current bug with Android mode you should download from the link above instead of, but you can still develop and test your sketch in Java mode with that version of the library.


Great … I will take a look at it :+1:
Just having wav and aiff support is no problem … up to now I just make use of AudioTrack for Android and do all my own DSP etc, but it would be handy to have some kind of a library that gives low level access :exploding_head: