Integration with Ableton via OSC

I’ve managed to get processing working quite well with Ableton Live, and interested to know who else is doing similar to learn/share.

The Max for Live integration pack includes devices that send OSC messages, so I use midi clips (triggered by Push) to trigger FX, images, etc in Processing that can be synched with music. It’s quite flexible either for sequencing)/arranging, or playing live. I’ve also figured how to use the knobs and siders on my controller to change parameters (e.g layer transparency).

But there are also a few frustrations, e.g midi note and velocity signals are sent separately and can get mixed up when multiple notes are playing, despite everything I’ve tried.

Anyone else doing similar? Would be interested to hear what you’re doing and if you’ve any tips

Here’s an example (the music is by a friend)

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This is so solid nice work! Going to try and link some things up but in the reverse way from Processing to Ableton via OSC. Seems like that’s the best choice for the channel these days.