Serial cannot be resolved to a type

I have a program that uses processing to communicate with and Arduino. I have downlaoaded Processing and installed core 3.5.3 (and all other jars) into eclipse on Windows 8.1. I have import processing.serial.* but then when I write Serial = port; I get Eclipse error ‘Serial cannot be resolved to a type’. It seems like I’m missing a library or something.

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A typo in my post. I’m not assigning Serial = port I’m declaring port to be of type Serial with this code Serial port;

I have not used Eclipse in a while but it sort of came back to me…

I had to add the serial jars from:
C:\Program Portable\processing-3.4\modes\java\libraries\serial\library

And also add it to build path.

And make sure Serial myport; is in the write place:

import processing.core.;
import processing.serial.

// Serial myport; // Did not work here!

public class MyProcessingSketch extends PApplet
public static void main(String[] args)

Serial myport;
public void settings()
size(800, 600, P3D);

public void setup()

public void draw()

This compiled without errors.

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Thank you. That resolved my original problem.

Now I have errors in processing.serial/ On the line public class Serial implements SerialPortEventListener I get error message SerialPortEventListener cannot be resolved to a type.

Also the declaration public SerialPort port; says SerialPort cannot be resolved to a type