Send an audio with server

I want to create a program to send an audio with server and receive like discord but on LAN.
Here is the code who is for start

import processing.sound.*;

Server server; 
Client client;
String input;
int data[];
int port;
String stat;
int v;
AudioIn in;

void setup() {
  stat ="online";
  port = 8670;
  frameRate(3); // Slow it down a little
  server = new Server(this, port);  // Start a simple server on a port
  in = new AudioIn(this, 0);
void draw() { 
  // Receive data from client
  client = server.available();
  if (client != null) {
    input = client.readString(); 
    input = input.substring(0, input.indexOf("\n"));  // Only up to the newline
    data = int(split(input, ' '));  // Split values into an array
    // Draw line using received coords
    line(data[0], data[1], data[2], data[3]); 
void keyPressed()
  if(keyCode==UP){v = v+1;}

You could send the raw byte data.
Take a look at this:
Then you could save it, load it, and play it.