SEED link server IRIS

Hello there from the Dom. Republic :slight_smile:

I am a visual artist, printmaking professor, and beginner creative coder. I have devoured @shiffman Daniel Shiffman’s book 'Learning Processing 2nd edition".

I would like to access realtime seismological ‘Time Series data’ or ‘Waveform Data’ from the IRIS realtime server API, the protocol that they offer for streaming real-time data. Specifically the data that I am trying to access is from the territory of the Dominican Republic, so that I can then use this data to sonify it (be able to turn it into audio), and visualize it, in realtime. I believe that the data that I need to do this is called: miniSEED, which is stripped down version of SEED containing only waveform data. There is no station and channel metadata included.

In the IRIS realtime server page they give you the server, and port number, but I can’t figure out how to formulate the appropriate QUERY STRING. They also link to this
I believe that I would have to implement a Timer class so as to respect their usage restrictions,

keep alive (heartbeat) packets should not be sent at intervals less than 4 minutes.

They also mention libslink software library or its Java counterpart, JSeedLink.
I have read many times chapter 18 on DATA INPUT, which talks about: manipulating strings, tabular data, XML and JSON, threads, etc…

I am really confused as to how to go about this, but very determined and eager to learn. In the hopes :raised_hands: that somebody may guide / mentor me in the right direction so that I can continue to learn and develop this project in processing, which is the language that I am currently learning, so that we can be able to hear the sound of the earth, in realtime.

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