Live datafeed in Processing

Please help to understand if i can connect to a live data feed in the processing. I want to know if its possible to work on live streaming of data thorugh this software?

you want get the data from where please?

  • USB + Arduino + sensor
  • USB web cam
  • web site API / XML / JSON
  • network ( 2 computer run processing ) / shared canvas / OSC / websocket /

possibly read

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it will be JSON FILES

could start

thanks for the suggestions. i would also like to know if we can do live data streaming in unity and scratch softwares. please help!

This is a forum for Processing. Are you trying to communicate between a Processing sketch and a Scratch program? Or are you just asking for Scratch programming advice for a separate project (that would be a good question for a scratch forum).

You say “live data streaming” and “JSON files”. What is creating your JSON files, on what machine (the local computer running the sketch, a webserver, a device…?) and how are they being updated?