SDK license missing

Can’t get the Arduino mode in the IDE to compile. Everything seems normal except I get a zillion errors due to this error message:
“Checking the license for package Android SDK Build-Tools 26.0.2 in C:\Users\Roger\Documents\Processing\android\sdk\licenses
Warning: License for package Android SDK Build-Tools 26.0.2 not accepted.”

So I installed android studio and went to the SDK manager tab, even installed the version 25 to support Android 7.1.1 and accepted that license agreement. That did not solve the problem with version 26.

I can’t seem to trigger an “accept the license” popup and all the “updates” say everything is fine. Do I need to uninstall and start over?

on update: deleted processing and reinstallled (3.5.4). Whoa, the android mode is still installed! Where is it and how to kill it (in Windows 10)?

@Dr.Quark ===
you probably have missed to accept the license when installing and so i think that you have to reinstall your SDK

@Dr.Quark ===
the SDK is where you put it first, and as it can be anywhere on your hard disk (depending on your OS and the way you have done the first install) i cannot answer but you can easily find (it must be written in your p5 preferences) and destroy it. Then you download a new one and put it manually where you want and dont forget to check the license agreement when it will ask for that!