Saving Data on Web-Online Service

Hello, I am making a simple app,
it inputs user information (name, age, etc.) and stores it in a .csv table
is there a way to export that data to a place online? (google drive, dropbox, anywhere were I can access it from my computer)

if you have a web site you can easily do that using ftpClient. If you have not and want to save your file you can use the Google Drive API, which means: a) that you add google play service to your app (verify that you get it in the SDK Manager) b) that you have to get SHA1 fingerprint for your app c) going to developer console you add credentials to your app and register it: you are now ready to use google drive as client; that is done by code with the GoogleSignInClient class (see here for details && examples: At this point you can upload or download files to/from google drive in a very standard way, like in java (OutputStream, InputStream, writer…) except that this has to be done in a thread and not in the main ui thread.