saveStrings Reference Error

The p5.js “saveStrings” Reference says:

let words = ‘apple bear cat dog’;
let list = split(words, ’ '); < < ! ! This is wrong

iI needs to be… let list = words.split(’ ');

This threw me for a while before I looked hard.

“The split() function maps to String.split(), …”

It’ll work fine within the setup(), draw(), etc. functions. However, it won’t work in regular JavaScript, i.e. in the global scope of your sketch.

Why have it have 2 different syntaxes then?

The String.split() will work anywhere. It’s a standard JS method, so you could just stick to using that. I suspect that the p5.js developers added a split() function to replicate the original Processing one. Recall that p5.js is a JavaScript interpretation of Java Processing.

Here’s more on the technical reasons why the split() function won’t work before setup()

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